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  • The best way to get yourself a new SSL Certificate is directly from your very own Control Panel. You don’t need to open a brand new account with an additional firm and lose time waiting for days and nights for the SSL to be made – everything happens in seconds.

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  • Easy to Install

  • If your domain name is hosted here, it’s possible to decide to get the new SSL certificate immediately set up. Our smart system will take on most of the hard work while you won’t need to handle any kind of regular installations.

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  • 24x7 Support

  • Whether you have any kind of issues or need assistance during configuring your SSL certificate, we are here to aid you. The 24x7 support includes knowledgeable tech professionals and is reachable twenty–four–seven. What’s more, the typical response time frame is under 20 mins.

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SSL 1 year
Regular SSL $29.00
Wildcard SSL $149.00

SSL Certificates with Mega Hosting Costa Rica

An SSL certificate is a must–have if you are planning to design or currently have an e–shop. The point is to properly secure the connection between the user together with the website. This way, all of the info can be transported inside of a risk–free environment, considerably reducing the prospects for credit card thievery or information exploitation.

SSL Certificates tend to be beneficial if you plan to give your clients accessibility to an administrator section. If you’ve secured the sign in form by using an SSL, the login details is broadcasted in a protected approach.

All SSL Certificates issued by Mega Hosting Costa Rica use market–leading standards. We join forces together with Sectigo in order to give a true 2048–bit data encryption in addition to a $10 000 USD guarantee for each SSL. Unique SSL Certificates are issued in no greater than thirty minutes right after the order and also the configuration is just hassle–free. You can choose to have your SSL certificate set up by us if your primary site is hosted with us.

Along with normal SSL Certificates, we as well have wildcard SSLs. A wildcard SSL certificate will be effective for all subdomains of your domain name, whilst a standard SSL certificate can be used only for just one host. Wildcard SSL Certificates really are convenient if you’ve got a large a big web site with an administrative area, a web shop coupled with a forum, and you need to secure each of the abovementioned using one certificate.

You’ll find an SSL certificate with each of our web hosting services – cloud hosting, Linux VPS web hosting services, Linux semi-dedicated hosting services, and dedicated servers hosting.

Whois Privacy Protection

Guard the publicly available data affiliated with your domain

When you register a new domain name, the WHOIS information pertaining to it, by rule, becomes instantly visible to the public. In the Domain Manager built into your Control Panel, you can find a WHOIS protection functionality that can help you hide your personal details by substituting them with our contact information.

The WHOIS protection functionality is available with most of the top–level domain name extensions offered on our site: .com, .info, .biz, .net, .org, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv, .pro, .cc.

Whois Privacy Protection

Effortless Scalability

Upgrade to a cloud hosting plan now

You’ll be able to quickly upgrade the domain management account that you have with Mega Hosting Costa Rica to any of our cloud hosting plans. This way, you’ll be able to effortlessly manage both your domains and sites from one single location. To enable all the web hosting features in your Control Panel, just go to the Upgrade Plan section located on the left and choose the package that you desire to switch to.

The second we activate the package of your preference, you will get a set of tools, including a drag ’n’ drop File Manager, a hotlink protection tool, a domain redirection tool, a comprehensive web site traffic statistics tool, a 1–click Web Applications Installer with which you can effortlessly set up weblogs, community web portals, photo galleries, and so on.

Effortless Scalability

Wildcard Domains

Create a wildcard domain name with a click of the mouse

With the aid of the Wildcard DNS option, you can make all your active sub–domains point to the main page of your web site. For example, when a person types smth.domain.com or any.domain.com, they will see http://domain.com/.

You might need the Wildcard DNS option for a multisite web app like Joomla Multi–Site or WordPress.

To activate a wildcard domain, visit the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel and then click the Add Host button located on the right. At the bottom of the list of options, you will see the Wildcard Domain tickbox.

Wildcard Domains

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Instantly establish location–based redirections

Using the GeoIP location tool incorporated into the Domain Manager, you’ll be able to point a certain language version of your website to a specific geographic market. It has a simple point & click interface where you don’t have to add any code. You just need to enter the location of your future web site visitors plus the URL that you’d like to open for those visitors.

For instance, if you have a German version of your web site at de.your–site.com, you ought to enter it in the URL field and then select Germany as a preferred target market. In this way, each time a visitor from Germany goes to your web site, they’ll see de.your–site.com and not your–site.com.

GeoIP Redirection Tool
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